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  1. DIGITECTURE FIRST: Digitally printed clear glass
  2. DIGITECTURE CLARITY: Digitally printed ultra-clear glass
  3. DIGITECTURE TONE: Digitally printed tinted glass
  4. DIGITECTURE SOLAR: Digitally printed solar control coated glass (pyrolytic or MSVD coated)
  5. DIGITECTURE PRO-1: Digitally printed low-E coated glass (pyrolytic or MSVD coated)
  6. DIGITECTURE PRO-2, PRO-3, PRO-4: Digitally printed silver low-E glasses (MSVD)*
Process TypeDigitally printed glass through precise electromagnetic controlled drives
Glass TypeClear, ultra clear, tinted, solar-control coated, low-E coated
Glass Thickness3.5 mm to 19 mm (80 mm glass blocks also printable)
Ink TypeCeramic based inks
Colour TypesStandard RAL shades, metallic (silver, gold), acid-etched, anti-skid
Maximum Resolution1440 dpi (dots per inch)
Minimum Printable Dot Diameter0.40 mm
Edge FinishArissed, rough ground or super polished
Inks MakeTecglass, Spain
Compressive Stress (Surface)30 MPa to 52 MPa (4,300 Psi to 7,500 Psi) - Heat-Strengthened
Compressive Stress (Surface)69 MPa (10,500 Psi) minimum - Fully Toughened

Minimum Size200 mm x 300 mm
Maximum Size2500 mm X 3660 mm (4 mm and 5 mm)
2500 mm X 4500 mm (6 mm and above)*


Industry-leading resolution of 1440 dpi for life-like image reproduction


Prints on surface 1 possible with high-durability inks


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