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Glass skylights are an obvious choice for all atrium-dominated constructions like malls, hotels and even residential and commercial establishments. With a dash of ceramic fritting these skylights can achieve vastly superior heat insulation and provide aesthetics and well-lit spaces that no other building material can match up to.


SCHOTT glasses have been the ubiquitous choice for vision panels for fire doors - whether it is the PYRAN® S with its unbeatable characteristics of transparency, strength and durabilty or PYRAN® Platinum and PYRAN® Star for UL-rated, hose-stream certified fire-doors. With over 70% market share of the Indian vision panel market and installations running in several hundred thousand doors, our fire-rated glass is a common site on almost every fire-door you will see. These vision panels are an indispensable aspect of all modern fire-doors, and greatly facilitate rescue at the time of fire.


The entire range of fire-rated glasses also finds its applications in facade applications. These can be constructed in insulated and laminated glazings with matching outer performance glasses to create a seamless look when integrated with the rest of the facade. Segmented and curved glazings are also possible for building corners and lift enclosures.


Lift lobbies are the first point of assembly for every building floor and it is imperative that these critical spaces are well protected in the case of fire. Fire-rated glass doors and partitions have become the preferred tool to service this particular need, and are also emphasized in NBC 2016. Apart from being aesthetically-pleasing, transparent glazed systems also help facilitate fire-fighting and rescue operations.


Fire-rated compartments and partitions are the first line of defense against fire. According to the local civic regulations, it is now mandatory to compartmentalize floor plates in all commercial, hospitality and residential properties to create fire-safe refuge spaces. Fire-rated glass is used to create safe spaces that are transparent, last long, and require minimal maintenance. Our fire-rated safety glass is highly transparent, even in the event of fire, which makes it the obvious choice here as it can help firefighters locate trapped individuals. While these panels definitely ward off fire threats, they also create stunning partition systems and compartments, leaving you free to create visually-appealing spaces without compromising on safety.


During a fire, it’s crucial to protect lifts and lift shafts as individuals may get trapped inside. If glass doors are used, the NBC requires that glass lift doors provide fire-protection for at least 60 minutes in case of a fire. Our PYRAN® S and PYRAN® Fusion offerings perfectly meet the requirements and serve as the ideal choice for buildings and architects looking to create sound buildings that provide optimum safety against fires.


Cloud computing has exploded globally and in India, which has led to numerous data server rooms cropping up all over the country. These small but important rooms store and secure data from our computers and phones. Given the nature of the room, a small electric failure or short circuit could lead to a huge fire. So, fire-rated glass is mandatory. Our fire-rated safety glass can provide up to four4 hours of comprehensive protection, and the right system can be recommended based on the requirement.


While evacuating people from a building during a fire, it's imperative to provide safe passage. So, all exit doors that lead to an eventual egress must provide minimum insulation of 20 minutes and fire-protection up to 120 minutes as per NBC 2016. The 2-hour requirement can easily be met by our PYRAN®S glass for vision panels and PYRAN® Fusion glass for fully glazed doors.


Atriums are created to brighten up spaces, but with fire-rated glazing, they can also prevent fires from spreading though the building core. These spaces become absolutely critical when it comes to fire-safety as they invariably create escape routes though their passages. It's vital that these passages are protected from fire and provide quick and safe access to the nearest fire-exit point in an emergency. Most importantly, our fire-rated safety glass ensures that these atriums add visual appeal to the overall beauty of the building with glass that is completely transparent and highly customizable.


Fires cause a lot of smoke, which makes the air heavy and greatly impairs vision. To ensure that people can locate the nearest exit and safely evacuate a space that is on fire, it is now mandated that smoke screens must be used to create smoke compartments that prevent vertical spread of smoke through escalator and staircase shafts. As per the NBC, smoke barriers or screens must be provided within the ceiling at platform and concourse levels and should withstand temperatures of up to 250°C for up to 60 minutes. Additionally, smoke barriers will also be provided around all openings containing staircases, escalators, and lifts in public areas.


Entrepreneurs and architects have picked glazed glass for commercial kitchens and restaurants for years, which helps greatly enhance the overall dining experience. Now, national and municipal building codes mandate the use of fire-rated glass, especially in partitions that separate cooking areas from the rest of the space. As detailed in Annexe G, Part 4 – Fire and Life Safety of the NBC, these panels must provide at least 60 minutes of protection. The huge advantage that comes with PYRAN® S glazing for such applications is its crystal clear apperance as well as resistance to very high temperatures.


Every high-rise building must provide a refuge or safe area where residents and occupants can gather in case of a fire or emergency. The refuge area is often exposed to the outside environment and needs to be protected by a fire-rated wall or partition. Glass is ideal for this application since it provides safety and visibility, aiding in rescue operations. Both PYRAN® S and PYRAN® Fusion provide the required 120 minutes of protection as required by the Indian NBC. Additionally, these panels can be laminated or insulated to match the building’s aesthetic and solar control requirements.


Whenever there’s a fire, staircases become the fastest and safest exit routes in buildings. It is vital to protect these exit routes and their access points and fire-rated doors with vision panels, or more recently, fully glazed systems, have become the protective tool of choice. Our glass for these applications are unique as they remain completely transparent even during fires, providing you with unmatched clarity that allows you to understand the extent of the fire while letting you find the safest exit route. If you’re looking for maximum safety with an aesthetic benefit, our fully-glazed door systems are the perfect choice.


Lifts provide easy and quick access to large spaces that are built on multiple levels. But, in the event of a fire, these lifts are often shut down, leaving people trapped and helpless. Now, with the mandate that certain lifts have to be used in firefighting efforts, it’s crucial that lift doors are made fire-resistant. Not only will these doors allow firefighters to coordinate swift evacuations, but they will also prevent suffocation and keep anybody trapped in the lift as safe as possible.


Industrial furnaces are built to reach temperatures over 400°C, so it’s crucial that these furnaces have fire-resistance doors and are kept in rooms that use fire-resistant glazing to prevent fires from spreading should anything go wrong. Morevoer, several furances have a critical requirement of vision panels through which the furnace operations can be monitored. SCHOTT’s glass ceramics are the ideal products for use here, with their zero coefficient of expansion coupled with crystal clear aesthetics allowing for prolonged exposure to very high temperatures without loss of form or colour.


Managing and maintaining a fire is always difficult. This is precisely why it’s crucial to ensure that you have fire-resistant glazing in place to protect areas around your fireplace. The use of fire-resistant glass will ensure that the fire doesn’t spread outside a small and specified area, allowing you to safely and securely use the fireplace as required for all your heating needs, and at the same time providing beautiful vision for the flames.


While transporting goods and cargo from one location to another, it goes without saying that fire safety is a top concern. A small fire could rapidly spread on a ship and destroy a lot of property. The use of fire-resistant glass and glazing helps contain fires and limit the damage done on carrier ships. In order to help you keep your cargo safe, our glass-rated panels meet the standards set by SOLAS, which comply with the latest International Maritime Regulations.


With passenger ships and cruise liners, safety, design and comfort all go hand-in-hand. Our fire-resistant glasses can help create beautiful spaces that offer both privacy and safety as required. The panels can be clear or opaque, as per your unique design requirements, and is built to prevent fires from spreading, ensuring safety is of the highest priority.


Drilling for oil is a difficult and dangerous job. One small mishap could lead to dire consequences. With the use of fire-resistant glass on rigs, it’s possible to prevent small accidents from turning into large catastrophes as these panels can help contain the fire, giving people enough time to find a way to safety.

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