Our Creations product series sources products from manufacturers located in over ten countries around the globe - literally hand-picked to ensure the highest levels of uniqueness, quality and sustenance.


Perhaps no office exists today which doesn’t utilize glass, and why not! Glass partitions are extremely bespoke, versatile, durable and offer unmatched transparency, resulting in beautiful and functional spaces. With our range of acoustic laminated glasses, we can also offer extremely high sound insulation for cabins and conference rooms. And if you are really creative, experiment with curved and fritted glasses!


Come across any glass flooring and the first reaction is invariably - wow! We can create glass floors in transparent, translucent or opaque forms, and with multi-laminated lites depending on the architectural and structural requirement. To add to this, we offer various types of certified anti-skid coatings for perfect walkable surfaces.


Fires cause a lot of smoke, which makes the air heavy and greatly impairs vision. To ensure that people can locate the nearest exit and safely evacuate a space that is on fire, it is now mandated that smoke screens must be used to create smoke compartments that prevent vertical spread of smoke through escalator and staircase shafts. As per the NBC, smoke barriers or screens must be provided within the ceiling at platform and concourse levels and should withstand temperatures of up to 250°C for up to 60 minutes. Additionally, smoke barriers will also be provided around all openings containing staircases, escalators, and lifts in public areas.

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