Our factory is probably our best sales tool, and that means a lot to us. Years of experience and deep technical knowledge are on full display the moment you step inside our setup and continues with every piece of glass that exits our gates. You can amaze yourself witnessing the automated glass handling systems or then wonder at the precision of the silicone filling by the robot arm. Or simply appreciate those finer details that makes every piece of glass special – the purity of water every glass is subjected to, the electromagnetic cutting systems and the country’s most equipped quality laboratory, amongst others.

After all, there is a #SirfFG tag we have to live up to!


With an average age of four years, we operate one of the youngest machinery sets in the country. That despite us being in the industry for more than one and a half decades speaks volumes about our unwavering intent to keep upgrading ourselves in every way and keeping up with the latest that is on offer.

Our unique processing capabilities still remain unmatched and that’s one of the core reasons why we are the the first choice amongst developers and end-users when it comes to processing glass for their architecture.


A seamless start-to-finish machine layout that moves glass without the need to unload.

India’s fastest tempering line with turbo-charged forced top and bottom forced convection.

The most automated plant in the country with minimal manual handling - see it to believe it!.

Vertical robotic sealing for insulated glass ensures no warpage and no filling gaps.

Sophisticated IT system that tracks every glass and allows you to do so too.

In-house water filtration system for glass processing with water quality so pure you can actually drink it!

Capability to handle jumbo glass sizes (as large as 3300 mm X 7000 mm) – beat that!

Unarguably the highest expertise in laminating unique materials such as mesh, fabrics, paper and PET films - with a track record to prove it.

Innovation lies at the core of everything we do. It is our firm belief that the architecture of tomorrow will be very different to the one we see today with both the design and materials will becoming smarter, dynamic and adaptive to both its environment and the people occupying it. That’s why we have invested in technologies and tie-ups that will help us bring the architecture of tomorrow to the Indian and international landscape today.

Our collaboration with companies and products such as SCHOTT™, Kuraray™, Vanceva™, Sefar™ and G-Smatt™ stand testimony to this unwavering philosophy. And add to this our state-of-the-art infrastructure that helps us process the most difficult and challenging glass types with quality levels that exceed global standards. Perhaps no other Indian company is able to provide such a large bouquet of glass products and going forward we only want to get better!