About Our Customer

An urban oasis in the heart of Mumbai, Lodha’s Park extends across 7 acres of land in Worli. Lush greenery and state of the art amenities offer residents a slice of paradise. The six high rise towers, including Mumbai’s only Trump Tower, are connected via a podium that overlooks the magnificent clubhouse.

The Jewel True to its name, The Jewel is Lodha Park’s crowning glory. It houses several club facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, a business center, a private theatre and gourmet restaurants. An architectural masterpiece, The Jewel adds another feather to FG’s diverse project portfolio.

  • Developer: Lodha Group
  • Design Firm: John Portman & Associates, USA
  • Fabricator: McCoy
  • Architects: WOHA, Singapore
  • Processor: FG Glass, India
  • Mesh: Gold Anodized Aluminum from SEFAR®
  • Interlayer: SentryGlas™

The Need

FG was contracted to bring WOHA’s vision for The Jewel to life. Designed as the pièce de résistance of the communal space, the architects wanted a sparkling exterior. While this is easy to achieve with mesh, it was vital that the surface was easy to maintain, which proved challenging. As Park is one of India’s most luxurious properties, we had to ensure that the glass we used added some glitz and glamour to the structure. Bringing this design to life while keeping all the client’s requirements in mind was crucial.

The Challenge

As a high value project with many global stakeholders, it was our duty to ensure that we surpassed the most stringent international standards. The clubhouse has a unique geometric structure, so we had to process glass in various sizes and shapes. Additionally, achieving the shimmery finish while keeping the maintenance requirements in mind also proved quite challenging.

The key challenges were to:

  • Actualize WOHA’s design without compromising on glass performance
  • Identify a product that met the architect’s vision and the maintenance requirements
  • Process the glass in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Deliver the glass within the short timeframe

The FG Glass Solution

After considering all the possible solutions and products, we decided to use an expanded aluminum metal mesh anodized in gold. Since we required specialized aluminum mesh that would expand evenly, we decided to procure it from SEFAR®, Switzerland, leading manufacturers of coated meshes. We anodized the mesh in gold in a single batch to ensure that the structure’s aesthetics were not compromised. This enabled us to achieve the beautiful shimmer that the architect envisioned. On either side of the mesh, we incorporated a 5 mm SentryGlas™ interlayer. We then laminated the mesh between two clear glass lites with our patented vacuum system, which allowed us to achieve high durability levels. We processed almost 400 square meters of laminated glass for this project. 

The FG Glass Advantage

Our extensive experience in laminating metallic meshes within glass lites made us the obvious choice for this project. Our long standing relationship with SEFAR®, Switzerland and years of experience in processing their coated meshes allowed us to execute the project flawlessly. Our Kuraray quality certification also assured the client that we would process glass lites that were highly durable. With our CNC cutting machine and high tech integrated software system, we managed to process the glass quickly and efficiently. The displacement between glasses was minimized to less than 1 mm. We worked with the team to ensure that the panels were installed correctly, in the same direction, so that the reflection and refraction of the sun’s rays are identical through each panel.


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