About Our Customer

The PPF HQ, located in the midst of Dar es Salaam’s bustling business district, is easily one of Tanzania’s most well known architectural marvels. The magnificent building has 66,000 square meters of coated glass covering its façade, making it one of the most striking features of Dar es Salaam’s skyline.

The PPF HQ continues to stand tall and proud on Dar es Salaam’s bustling Sam Nujoma Road. Its bold architecture and blue glass façade reflect the city’s life perfectly. Given our ability to handle and process specialty glass, we were able to execute this project within the given time while ensuring that all the client’s cost and performance needs were met. Most importantly, we managed to maintain the building’s aesthetic appeal without compromising on glass performance.

  • Developer: Estim Construction
  • Processor: FG Glass, India
  • Glass: 6 mm Saint Gobain KT 755 and 16mm Argon Plus 6 mm from Pilkington

The Need

The responsibility of this landmark was awarded to Estim Construction, a company that believes in quality, value and looking after the environment. As one of the largest glazing projects in East Africa, Estim wanted to partner with façade experts who could work with their systems and products while still maintaining international quality standards. So, FG was the obvious choice. We were engaged to provide suitable glazing solutions that provided a better U value without compromising on aesthetics.

The Challenge

When the project came to us, it was already on a very tight deadline. We were tasked with processing and delivering 66,000 square meters of glass in less than 12 months. Apart from enhanced performance, we also needed to keep the cost requirements of the client in mind.

The key challenges were to:

  • Provide cost effective solutions that offered enhanced performance
  • Complete the project in under a year

The FG Glass Solution

Since the client’s main ask was enhanced performance, we offered a solution of a combination of two different glass products. Our years of experience and expertise in understanding the performance of glass products allowed us to provide the client with the right solution. We decided to use Saint Gobain’s KT 755 panels as they have a green compliant rating. More importantly, these panels are known for their advanced solar control and optimum light transmission. This was especially important given the fact that the city enjoys sunlight for approximately 12 hours every day throughout the year. We combined our use of Saint Gobain with hard coat low-E glass from Pilkington, USA, which offers higher insulation against heat. With these cost effective double glazed units, we achieved a U value of less than 1W/m2K without compromising on light transmission.

The FG Glass Advantage

Our years of knowledge and experience enabled us to execute such a large project effortlessly. We completed the processing of each and every unit within the 11 month timeframe. This project also gave us the unique opportunity to showcase our design, glazing and processing expertise. With most projects, we simply process and supply the glass. For the PPF headquarters, we were involved right at the onset and relied on our expertise to provide optimum glazing solutions for this unique project.


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