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Located in the upmarket Banjara Hills neighborhood, Park Hyatt Hyderabad is among the city's finest 5 star hotels. Now a renowned landmark, the hotel's stunning architecture, iconic interiors and grand atrium make it one of the most premium hospitality properties in the metropolis.

Over the past few years, Park Hyatt Hyderabad has emerged as the platinum standard for hospitality in the city. While its service, dining and hospitality are par excellence, its bold architecture and design have made it a crown jewel in Hyderabad's royal legacy.

From its grand atrium and magnificent interiors to the stunning exteriors, we went above and beyond to ensure aesthetic brilliance and functional excellence at Hyderabad's Park Hyatt.

  • Developer: Gayatri Hi-Tech Hotels
  • Design Firm: John Portman & Associates, USA
  • Processor: FG Glass, India
  • Glass: Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG), Solarban® 60, USA

The Need

Being a Park Hyatt hotel, which is Hyatt's high end, luxury brand, the hotel's architecture had to reflect its status. When construction started in 2006, it was set to be the only building in the Banjara Hills area that used neutral glass instead of colorful glass. As Hyatt's flagship property in Hyderabad, the structure was conceptualized and designed to make a lasting impression on guests and passers-by. Bringing this design to life while maintaining its integrity was critical.

The Challenge

The project team comprised leading practitioners from around the world, most notably, John Portman & Associates, an Atlanta based, internationally recognized architectural and engineering firm. As a consequence, every design decision had to be made to match the most exacting international standards.

The key challenges were to:

  • Actualize John Portman & Associates' signature atrium design to impeccable fabrication benchmarks
  • Identify a glass product that met the stringent coating specifications and was neutral and devoid of color
  • Choose a glass that kept out the harsh Hyderabad heat without compromising on visibility
  • Process double low-E coated glass without diminishing its characteristics, optics & clarity

The FG Glass Solution

With most glasses available domestically limited to single low-E coatings, our search at FG Glass for the perfect product with the latest in coating technology took us far and wide. Having considered all viable options, the main product selected for the hotel's facade was Solarban® 60, a premium offering from Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG, USA).

Solarban® 60 has a double low-E coating on clear glass, offering the neutral appearance that the client was looking for. In a double glazed unit, the glass has a light transmission of 70% with a solar factor of less than 0.38, providing very high spectral selectivity.

FG Glass also helped John Portman & Associates realize their vision of creating a signature atrium with frameless glass balustrades and a skylight on the interiors of the Park Hyatt Hyderabad. Using glass products of various shapes, sizes and curvature, we were key partners in fabricating an atrium befitting of a Park Hyatt hotel. Our partnership with the hotel extends beyond just the exterior and atrium. We provided the ceramic fritted glasses that decorate the hotel's deluxe rooms, providing guests with a unique atmosphere and experience.

The FG Glass Advantage

The challenge that typically comes with using high performance glass is that the glass can be difficult to process and make suitable for use. Glass with such high thermal performance needs to be treated incredibly carefully during the heat strengthening process as the coating may reflect the heat that falls on it from the top, which could cause it to lose its original characteristics.

At FG Glass, our long standing partnership with Vitro Architectural Glass and investment in a powerful, turbo charged top & bottom convection furnace from Uniglass gave us the capabilities to process high end glass like Solarban® 60 without any hassle. Our machine, the only one of its kind in India, has allowed us to achieve the fastest tempering line across the country. Our robust manufacturing processes ensured that products were customized to meet the project's stringent demands while avoiding optical distortion. We were able to process the 15,000 square meters of glass required for the Park Hyatt project on time thanks to our seamless end to end processing units.


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