About Our Customer

In the heart of the country’s capital, the National Museum of Science and Technology (NMST) is Bangladesh’s first and only national science museum. The museum is responsible for all the science education activities in the country. Established in 1965, the museum has a rich history and legacy that its many exhibits reflect perfectly.

The National Museum of Science and Technology is one of Bangladesh’s most important learning centres. The 2,200 square metres of glass we delivered helped create a truly unique landmark that people from across the country admire.

  • Developer: NSICT National Science and Technology Center
  • Facade Contractor: Dtech
  • Processor: FG Glass, India
  • Glass: Pilkington Eclipse Advantage Clear Low-E Glass

The Need

The idea was to build a skylight dome atop the building. We needed triangular panels that could protect the interiors from the harsh weather conditions that the city experiences. Since the museum is of national importance, the project had to uphold the most stringent international standards.

The Challenge

Creating the glass for the skylight dome was a tricky process. We could not use regular rectangular panels. To meet the safety standards, we required laminated glass. But, to create the dome shape, we had to use triangle shaped glass panels with sharp edges. These requirements made it difficult for us to process the glass.

The key challenges were to:

  • Process triangle shaped panels with sharp edges
  • Process panels that met the client’s varied requirements

The FG Glass Solution

After looking at all the requirements, we decided to use hard coat low-E glass from Pilkington for this project. We picked this glass for its solar control and light transmission properties. We used our state of the art machines to create 13.52 mm laminated and tempered triangular glass panels. We used innovative cutting techniques accurately measure and cut the glass while keeping the performance intact.

The FG Glass Advantage

Our years of experience helped us make an informed decision about the perfect glass for this project. We used Pilkington panels since they offered exceptional light transmission with minimal solar heat gain, crucial elements for a skylight dome. The panels were laminated and tempered to reduce sound transmission, ensuring that every individual enjoys a peaceful visit to the museum. Our expertise enabled us to create triangular panels without compromising on performance.


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