About Our Customer

One of India’s leading investment houses, Motilal Oswal Group has been in business for over 30 years and serviced over a million customers. Their network is spread over 550 cities and towns, but they built their main head office in India’s commercial capital, Mumbai.

The Motilal Oswal building has become an integral part of Mumbai’s skyline. The signature design and curved lines showcase the many possibilities of a complete glass façade. Apart from its aesthetic beauty, the high performance glass elements ensure that the entire building is highly energy efficient.

  • Developer: Motilal Oswal
  • Architect: Niteen Parulekar
  • Architect: Niteen Parulekar
  • Processor: FG Glass, India
  • Fabricator:
  • Glass: Saint Gobain Planitherm KT 440, ClimaCool, LamiSecure, FacadeShield, CurveShield

The Need

The idea was to create a landmark structure that perfectly reflected the company’s values – excellence and integrity. Our objective was to create a structure that would bring all the business’ corporate operations under a single roof, maximize the space available and reflect the status of the organization as a financial powerhouse in India.

The Challenge

Mumbai’s business district of Prabhadevi is already studded with several well recognized high rise buildings. So, we had to ensure that the Motilal Oswal building had distinct features that helped it stand out from the crowd. We needed eye catching design and innovative architecture to achieve this. 

The key challenges were to:

  • Craft the corner elements of the facade with consistent, millimeter precision curvature in high volumes
  • Fabricate complex glass shapes
  • Choose a glass product that keeps out the harsh Mumbai heat without compromising on visibility

The FG Glass Solution

After a thorough analysis of all the products available, the glass selected for the project was KT 440 from Saint Gobain. KT 440 is a high performance glass that is known for its low solar factor, low U value, lower reflection levels and superior light transmission. Additionally, this glass added acoustic insulation, which helped keep Mumbai’s hustle and bustle out of the office.

Processing the glass for the tower’s distinguishing curved edges was the most challenging aspect of this project. We used our state of the art CNC machine from HEGLA, Germany to achieve the extremely precise curvature of each panel.

To ensure that the building stood out in the Mumbai skyline, we used ceramic fritted glass for the roof of the central atrium. Our use of high performance Saint Gobain glass and the ceramic frit allowed us to realize the architect’s vision for the tower.

The FG Glass Advantage

Given the unique requirements for this project, FG was the obvious choice. We had to process a large quantity of uniformly curved glass for the edges of the façade. This was only possible thanks to our constant endeavor to use only the best and newest technology available in the market. Our robust manufacturing processes ensured that each panel was customized to meet the project’s unique needs while keeping the strict timeline in mind.


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