About Our Customer

Ideas to Impacts is a leading information technology company that promotes innovative ideas. They’re fuelled by a passion to leave a lasting impact on the world. They work with cutting edge AI developers to create last mile value added solutions for their clients and people across India.

Despite the many challenges faced, we were able to complete the project within the six week timeline. The office stands proudly in Pune as a testament to the unending possibilities of modern architecture. By executing this project flawlessly, we were able to prove that glass façades can bring every architect’s dreams to life.

  • Design Firm: Archvista Engineering Projects Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  • Processor: FG Glass, India
  • Fabricator: Glazium Façades Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  • Glass: digitecture™ printed ultra clear glass with Saint Gobain Planitherm as the inner lite

The Need

Ideas to Impacts is all about creating a positive change in the world, and they wanted a building that could reflect that. They have a five storey building in Pune that is surrounded by lush greenery. The architects envisioned the façade as an extension of the environment. Given the company’s commitment to positivity, we also had to ensure that the building was energy efficient.

The Challenge

Creating a façade with a very dense tree graphic was our first challenge. We needed to find a way to print on energy efficient glass. To create the graphic, we looked for paints that were UV resistant and would not fade over time. Since the graphic would spread across all five floors, we also had to find a way to scale the image with precise measurements.

The key challenges were to:

  • Procure and use 100% UV resistant paints that would not fade, peel off or flake in intense sunlight
  • Use energy efficient glass and optimise the building’s HVAC costs
  • Use printing technology that could render the images and colours with perfection
  • Ensure the viewing experience was not hampered from the inside
  • Scale the image without any pixelation to match the façade’s large dimensions

The FG Glass Solution

Creating a façade that met both the energy efficiency and design requirements was challenging. There was no single product or glass in the market that could achieve both goals. So, we decided to use a unique combination for the client. For the inner lite, we used Saint Gobain’s Planitherm™ low-E glass. We chose this product since it’s a high performance clear glass that has a very high light transmission but a low solar heat gain, which makes it ideal for energy efficient buildings. 

For the design on the façade, we used our revolutionary digitecture™ technology. We used vectorisation to turn the façade design into an infinitely scalable work of art and cropped out all the unwanted edges. Although it was difficult to work with trees, since they do not have any straight lines, we accomplished this feat with our state of the art technology.

The FG Glass Advantage

Our years of experience in glass processing allowed us to come up with a unique and innovative solution to meet the client’s needs. We leveraged our long standing partnership with Saint Gobain to procure the high performance energy efficient glass required for the inner lite. We also partnered with Tecglass for our revolutionary digitecture™ infrastructure. Our commitment to quality and innovation helped us use the highly sophisticated Tecglass digital printing system. It uses electromagnetic drives to achieve the highest possible precision in printing. Our designers relied on their decades of experience to work with the on site team to install the panels correctly and achieve the final design.


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