About Our Customer

Delivering premium residential complexes for over 75 years, DLF is a trusted name in the real estate industry. The name DLF has become synonymous with superior quality and unmatched customer service. DLF Camellias is their most prestigious residential property in Gurgaon. They partnered with India’s leading architectural design firm, Architect Hafeez Contractor, for this project.

The Need

DLF Camellias is a premium property in Gurgaon. The architects wanted to create a unique entrance to the clubhouse and the main staircase enclosure. The idea was to build a structure that provided a natural onyx effect and could be back lit in the evenings. The spherical clubhouse entrance would serve as the crowning glory of the entire podium area. Our customer did not want the surrounding buildings to reflect on the surface of the clubhouse entrance.

The Challenge

Given the status of the developer and architect, we had to ensure that every solution we offered met their high standards and requirements. Natural onyx has strength and size limitations, so we had to find a way to mimic its natural look while keeping the large dimensions of 3700 mm by 900 mm in mind. The client wanted the glazing to be back lit in the evenings, so we had to look for solutions that offered uniform transparency and appearance while minimising the reflection from the surrounding buildings. 

The key challenges were to: 

  • Select a solution that provides a natural onyx look
  • Work with large dimensions and minimise horizontal transom members to maximise height
  • Ensure minimal reflection of the surrounding buildings on the façade of the structure

The FG Glass Solution

We worked with the client for over a year and explored every possible solution. As natural onyx was not a viable option, we decided to digitally print the design on clear and ultra clear panels to achieve the desired look. We provided several samples and prototypes to see how the panels would look with a back light, finally settling on an ultra clear substrate and offered a mock up to the client before moving forward. As we were working with large dimensions, we had to source high resolution images to ensure there was no pixelation during the digital printing process. To ensure consistency and a uniform look and feel across the façade, we used images from the same family. We imported the paints from Europe and treated the glass surface to achieve a satin finish and restrict reflection.

The FG Glass Advantage

The client approached us for our expertise in speciality glass. We used our DIGITECTURE™ technology to create a unique façade, unlike anything that has been seen before in the country. Our in house processing facilities enabled us to process samples and prototypes quickly and get the required approvals to complete the project in a timely fashion. We relied on our global network of glass specialists to procure the chemicals to create the satin finish on the glass surface. Our state of the art manufacturing equipment enabled us to process and print high quality images on curved panels to achieve the desired spherical shape.

The Outcome

We were able to bring the architect’s vision to life. The clubhouse entrance stands tall on the podium and offers a unique aura during the evenings when it lights up. Despite the dimensions, we delivered and installed an architecturally sound structure that mimics the finish of natural onyx. The client was thrilled that our work exceeded their expectations.

  • Developer: DLF Developers
  • Architects: Hafeez Contractor Architects
  • Processor: FG Glass, India
  • Glass: DIGITECTURE Ultra Clear Substrate


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