About Our Customer

In the heart of Nairobi’s affluent Lower Kabete neighbourhood, the Coho Housing estate is a gated community of 12 ultra luxurious villas. Each home offers residents a chance to live in the lap of nature, with lush greenery surrounding the property. Striking the perfect balance between suburban charm, modern luxury and the beauty of Mother Nature, these residences are coveted by locals and expatriates alike.

The villas are some of Nairobi’s most sought after luxury residences. The glass staircase is truly stunning and one of the main attractions in these villas. Our curved sliding glass windows are the first of its kind in the region, making these properties all the more exclusive. The client was thrilled with our work as we helped bring their vision to life.

  • Developer: COHO HOUSING LTD
  • Architects: Symbion Kenya Ltd
  • Facade Contractor: Seyani Bros K Ltd.
  • Processor: FG Glass, India
  • Glass: CurveShield, BulletShield, ClimaGuard, ClimaCool

The Need

These high end luxury villas required statement glass panels that enhanced the overall look and feel of the space. The design called for safety glass at the entrance, curved glass for sliding windows and laminated glass for the staircase and skylight. Processing glass that would bring the architect’s vision to life while maintaining the structure’s integrity was critical.

The Challenge

Apart from offering safety glass and curved glass for the entrance and windows to each villa, we also had to create spiral staircases made of glass. Processing panels that could support the weight of residents proved to be a difficult task. For everybody’s safety, we also had to ensure that the glass staircase was safe to walk on and that people would not slip easily. More importantly, we needed to process curved panels with incredibly precise curvature measurements to maintain the integrity of the structure.

The key challenges were to:

  • Process the glass for a spiral staircase
  • Choose glass that met all the safety and energy efficiency requirements
  • Process curved glass for sliding windows

The FG Glass Solution

To keep residents completely safe, we used BR6 Bullet Shield glass for the entrance to every villa. For each sliding window, we processed Curve Shield panels, using our state of the art machinery to get uniform bend along the length of each panel. We used laminated, energy efficient Pilkington low E glass for the skylight. With its high light transmission and low solar heat gain, it was the perfect choice. For the staircase, we decided to use toughened laminated glass with an anti slip coating to ensure the safety of the residents.

The FG Glass Advantage

The client relied on our expertise and years of experience for this project. Given our familiarity with speciality and safety glass, we were able to choose the perfect bullet resistant glass for the entrance of each villa. We used our cutting edge cylindrical bending machine to process all the curved glass for this project. To ensure that the laminated panels for the staircase were of the exact curvature and measurements, we created a replica of each villa’s unique staircase in our factory. We then ensured that every panel we processed met the required dimensions.


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