About Our Customer

Amar Builders is the master behind many of Pune’s architectural landmarks. They focus on sustainable growth and continuously reinvent themselves by adopting new construction technologies and the best industry practices. With their commercial property, Amar Business Zone, they aimed to create a truly eye catching visual landmark in Banner, along the Mumbai Bengaluru Highway.

The Need:

Amar Builders and their architecture, Moco Design Studio wanted to create a visual landmark at the prominent Banner junction along the Mumbai Bengaluru Highway. They decided to build something with incredible recall value that looked stunning through the day and night. Moco Design Studio wanted part of the building to resemble a large canvas that people from all backgrounds could relate to and enjoy.

The Challenge:

Our top priority was to maintain our client’s reputation in the market. While selecting the image, we had to ensure that the resolution would not be affected even when printed on a large area. Since the façade would be back lit in the evenings, we could not have even a minute error, as the lights would highlight pixilation’s or deficiencies. Additionally, we had to find a way to diffuse the light evenly so that the intensity did not distort the image. 

The key challenges were to: 

  • Select an image that could stretch across the required dimensions
  • Ensure no errors at all
  • Diffuse the light evenly across the façade
  • Complete 100% colour reproduction from the image onto the glass

The FG Glass Solution:

Our in house design team worked with the client to complete this project. We provided the architects with five mock ups before finalising the image and the façade space it would take. Our teams visited the site with the builder and architect to understand how the façade would look in the light and scrutinised which colours would appear most appealing. Since we were using vibrant colours, we did not want the green ferric tint from the glass to distort the beauty of the building and decided to use ultra clear glass. To boost the visual appeal of the façade, we processed the glass with dual coating. We applied another special coating to diffuse light evenly. The glass we selected had a colour rendering index of 99%, allowing us to match the chosen colours.

The FG Glass Advantage:

FG Glass has state of the art glass processing facilities, making us the client’s first and only choice. Our technology allowed us to process the required glass size and render the image flawlessly. We relied on our vast network of glass manufacturers to quickly procure the Vitro PPG Starphire® Ultra Clear Glass panels from America. We relied on our years of expertise to understand what kinds of coating would enhance the image and provide the desired effect. As leaders in the industry, we could print the image and create the visual landmark that the developer and architects wanted.

The Outcome:

Our team completed the project as per the client’s requirements. Amar Business Zone has become one of Banner’s most attractive and visually stunning buildings. The creative façade ensures a high recall value, making it one of the most well known buildings in the vicinity.

  • Developer: Amar Developers
  • Architects: Moco Design Studio
  • Processor: FG Glass, India
  • Glass: DIGITECTURE™ on Vitro PPG Starphire® Ultra Clear Glass
  •  Fabricator: Alpha Facades


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