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The versatility of glass when it manifests itself in security applications in perhaps one of its greatest features. And at FG, we have certified and tested solutions to cater to the 3B's of security as we like to call it - resistance to bullet, blast and burglar impacts. Our security glass (or armored glass) range provides industry leading clarity and is tested with the thinnest glazing constructions possible for its relevant standard. You can choose from one of these three protection types or even combine two or all types to create supremely safe living and working spaces.


At 38mm, we have the tested the thinnest possible bullet-resistant construction for UL752 Level 5, and that too without spall!
  • INTERNATIONALLY TESTED SOLUTIONS From Wiltshire, UK and HP White-Intertek, USA
  • COMPLETE & BESPOKE SOLUTIONS No matter what protection you need, we have a solution
  • CAN CONFORM TO THERMAL AND AESTHETIC REQUIREMENTS Combine any of our Security products with an outer coated or tinted glass
  • PRODUCT VALIDATION FROM INDIAN AND INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS Proven track record with several comprehensive installations till date


Who doesn’t want to live in light infused spaces with large openings protected with clear glass! Our impact resistant glasses are able to withstand some of the most crushing impacts in the event of a forced intrusion and at the highest level is even more difficult to penetrate than steel! To further enhance the clarity, we can construct these glasses with ultra clear lites and create unmatched aesthetics.

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Bank teller counters are one of the most sensitive locations in a banking establishment and need to be protected against bullets and forced intrusion. Our solutions are custom-designed to suit individual counter requirements.

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Embassies and consulates are unarguably a nation’s most protected spaces in foreign soil with an extremely high risk of attack. Entry points, doors and security cabins thus need to be completely protected to withstand any kind of terrorist attack - be it intrusion related, blast related or bullet related and in some cases, even against fire. With several installations already, our experienced team can actively consult usage of security glass based on the location and protection level.

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Almost all security cabins today are enclosed with glass, but that also makes the staff vulnerable to attacks if the glazing is not intrusion resistant. Ideally, all security cabin structures should be glazed with a minimum of P6B intrusion resistance to protect the security personnel. We can also offer curved glasses for this application.

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A critical requirement of all modern PET scan, CT scan, X-ray and MRI rooms in hospitals is total blockage of harmful radiation to the outside. While traditionally these rooms were made with only full metal doors, advances in glass technologies have enabled use of transparent vision panels in these doors for visibility and control. Our radiation shielding glass is lined with lead metal in varying thicknesses for varying control levels.

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