There is no better choice for your buildings

FG Glass presents the industry’s most comprehensive range of architectural glass products designed to cater to the most demanding applications. From structurally-glazed facades to curtain walls and skylights to railings, our facade solutions can efficiently service all your requirements.

Our intricate focus on form and functionality ensures that glass walls look better, perform more effectively and generate better value for our customers.



Spaces that enthrall

On average we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, whether at home, office or within the confines of a car. And this means that interior spaces are perhaps our greatest connection to architecture. The benefits of creating light and airy spaces are well known and no other material can meet these criteria better than glass.

Our Interiors product series combines the durability and advantages of glass with our time proven thrust for quality and perfection.



Because nothing is more important than your life

The last few years have seen a spate of tragic and avoidable fire instances all over India and has fanned numerous debates on the fire-safety in constructions today. Architects, planners and consultants are now more responsible than ever in ensuring that buildings have the necessary level of active and passive fire protection systems.



Protect what matters most to you

The versatility of glass when it manifests itself in security applications in perhaps one of its greatest features. And at FG, we have certified and tested solutions to cater to the 3B’s of security as we like to call it – resistance to bullet, blast and burglar impacts. You can choose from one of these three protection types or even combine two or all types to create supremely safe living and working spaces.



Beyond the ordinary

Imagine and it shall be! That’s the inspiration behind our now famous Creations vertical – glasses that are truly unique – be it in their looks, their performance or their functionality. With the best products scouted from around the world, our relentless passion to offer the very best architecture on offer is manifested in this exciting and passion-driven product vertical…