Backed by more than forty years experience in the glass industry, he is the cornerstone of Fishfa Group’s success and progress through the years. His works and accomplishments speak for themselves – he has transformed Fishfa Group from a small trading shop into one of India’s top glass business houses based on trust, quality and service. Blessed with exceptional business acumen and a stickler for perfection, he has kept the Fishfa Group ahead of its time and continually innovated by introducing the latest products into the marketplace.



Sajjad Hussain

Vice Chairman

Together with Fakhruddin, he founded the Fishfa Group more than four decades back. His hard work, dedication, soft demeanor and perseverance have made him universally respected in the glass industry. An established veteran in the industry, he possesses a remarkable zeal to succeed and brings all of his experience to the processing world of FG Glass. His wide dealer network plays a key role in generating sales for the company and in maintaining our ubiquitous market presence. He heads the day to day operations of the group and plays a strategic role in the decision making, marketing and sales of the company.



Suhel Kachwala

Managing Director

An MBA from Boston and five years of work experience in the US enabled Suhel to thrive in his role as Managing Director of FG Glass right from the company’s inception. His strong personality and effective communication skills have been instrumental in leading the company to the dominant position it enjoys in the Indian glass processing space today. With his excellent PR and interpersonal skills, Suhel has made strong associations with key architects, consultants, builders, and fabricators not just in India but across the globe. Under his leadership, FG Glass has expanded its project footprint to over 35 countries across 5 continents.





Nuruddin has been working in the group for more than twenty five years now and is hugely experienced in the glass industry. He plays an important role in the decision making process for the Fishfa Group. His excellent customer network all over the country is instrumental in achieving our sales targets. Hardworking, sincere and totally committed to his work, Nuruddin ensures the smooth functioning of the company and brings to the group his expert guidance and a patient endeavor in maintaining customer satisfaction.



Tariq Kachwala


With an MS-MBA from New York University, Tariq specializes in operations, marketing, strategy, and new business development at FG Glass. He uses his in-depth knowledge of glass science to consult with developers and architects on glass performance and capabilities while bringing a fresh perspective to glass selection. A prominent personality throughout the glazing fraternity, Tariq has collaborated on various industry initiatives such as establishing new quality standards, inventory management, cost analysis, and control and building codes for glazing. He is constantly on the lookout for new challenges and has brought his passion for design and branding to life through the creation of CreativFish – a branding and design company under the Fishfa banner.