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On average we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, whether at home, office or within the confines of a car. And this means that interior spaces are perhaps our greatest connection to architecture. The benefits of creating light and airy spaces are well known and no other material can meet these criteria better than glass. Our Interiors product series combines the durability and advantages of glass with our time proven thrust for quality and perfection.


We at FG pride ourselves in having the largest range of architectural glass solutions traversing across aesthetic, performance, structural and safety parameters.
  • LIMITLESS DESIGN OPTIONS Widest product offering in the industry
  • METICULOUS ATTENTION TO DETAIL We know no other way!
  • ZERO COMPROMISE ON RAW MATERIALS KurarayTM, SolutiaTM, DowTM, FenziTM, AluproTM, etc.
  • LARGE PANEL SIZES POSSIBLE Up to 3 meters by 6 meters


Perhaps no office exists today which doesn’t utilize glass, and why not! Glass partitions are extremely bespoke, versatile, durable and offer unmatched transparency, resulting in beautiful and functional spaces. With our range of acoustic laminated glasses, we can also offer extremely high sound insulation for cabins and conference rooms. And if you are really creative, experiment with curved and fritted glasses!

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As with partitions it is almost unimaginable to not use glass for railing applications. Not only does it offer transparency but its high structural strength also allows its use as a standalone element, without any steel clutter. What’s more, even railing steps can be created with glass, with special anti-skid coating and multi-laminated lites based on the load criteria.

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Come across any glass flooring and the first reaction is invariably - wow! We can create glass floors in transparent, translucent or opaque forms, and with multi-laminated lites depending on the architectural and structural requirement. To add to this, we offer various types of certified anti-skid coatings for perfect walkable surfaces.

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Drape those boring plain walls with stunning glass panels! Glass wall panels are increasingly becoming popular and come in a wide range of solid colours and textures. These panels are practically maintenance-free and offer a tremendously long life.

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