Two simple words. Unbounded power. Since eternity these two words have challenged man to create the unthinkable, to step out of what’s present and look to the future, to not rest with what exists but think of what can be.

It is this inherent potential of What if that has enabled inventions that have redefined the way we live, work, communicate and travel. From Graham Bell’s telephone and Aryabhata’s zero to Edison’s light bulb and the Wright Brothers’ first flying plane, the What if in them enabled inventions that changed the course of mankind forever. It was their ability to challenge the status quo and look beyond what’s possible that helped them produce products and technologies to overcome common world problems and improve our standard of living.

FG Glass celebrates the power of What if and the infinite possibilities that exist within the realm of architecture. And in the true spirit of these two words, we present our most revolutionary product offering to date – digitectureTM and with it give you the power, the flexibility and the freedom to create the architecture you want and pour your imagination on glass – on-demand and in real-time. We encourage you to learn about our futuristic digital-printing product line and explore the unlimited design options available at your disposal.




From extremely fine lines to dots with a diameter as low as 0.40 mm, even the minutest of details can now be reproduced.


Anti-slip and other functional or decorative textures can be printed for durability and brilliant aesthetics.


Print borders on any glass size and shape to achieve clean and beautiful aesthetics and remove all unwanted elements from your vision.


Any pattern be it geometric, abstract, animal skin or stone finish is now attainable.


Create photorealistic images up to 1440 dpi (best-in-industry) on glass. In other words, you can now print anything and everything.


You can now have two-colour frits (for e.g., white outside and black inside) and hence make your interior viewing extremely soothing and neutral.