Beyond the ordinary

Imagine and it shall be! That's the inspiration behind our now famous Creations vertical - glasses that are truly unique - be it in their looks, their performance or their functionality. With the best products scouted from around the world, our relentless passion to offer the very best architecture on offer is manifested in this exciting and passion-driven product vertical. From an unlimited pallet of colored glasses to visibility on demand, our Creations product series is a great hit with architects and users alike and a true manifestation of our philosophy of continuous innovation and improvisation.


Our Creations product series sources products from manufacturers located in over ten countries around the globe - literally hand-picked to ensure the highest levels of uniqueness, quality and sustenance.

digitectureTM is unarguably our most revolutionary product in the Creations space and poised to change the way architects, designers and developers perceive or conceptualize facades and interior spaces. With practically any design impressions possible in an unlimited array of colours, digitectureTM can convert traditional facades, railings, backsplashes and floors into a signature work of art. All unique and indicative of the design preferences of you either as an architect or end-user.


The only colour series in the world which can offer any desired colour in glass in perfect transparency, our exclusive Western Indian partnership with Vanceva® brings you this unique and bespoke architectural marvel. With more than ten thousand unique colours possible, in varying levels of transparency, you can add a dash of glamour and vibrancy to otherwise staid constructions.


Three different choices of mesh (expanded metal, woven metal and Sefar® metal-coated fabric) can be laminated or insulated to create a visual landmark. Additionally, this serves to diffuse sunlight (eliminating the need of blinds) and also massively cuts down the solar heat-gain.


Traditional media screens do not do complete justice when installed in a facade for two core reasons: obstructive viewing from inside and installation non-compatibility with conventional facade systems. Enter media glass from GSmattTM - a breakthrough facade product that integrates LEDs within a glass assembly and makes installation and maintenance extremely efficient and convenient. Add to this the almost invisible media system and you get guaranteed clear views even with the media working at top luminosity.


The future of facades is here! The one overlooked and probably the biggest limitation in facades today is their static nature. No matter what the light and heat conditions, their performance remains the same. This is about to change for the better! In collaboration with Merck, we present eyriseTM - the world’s first LCD integrated facade panels that offer an industry-leading range of light and heat transmission with switching times of less than a second! Also possible in a wide variety of shapes, including sharp triangles, and even in a wide range of tints to suit all architectural needs.


Imagine sitting in your conference room with a sudden demand for privacy from your transparent glass partitions. And now imagine the possibility of making these partitions translucent with the convenience of a switch! Our highly durable switchable glass offers you exactly this functionality with the best-in-industry transparency and clarity.


The advantages of blinds within glass panels are well known - zero maintenance, no arduous cleaning of every blind and their brilliant visuals. Our blind-integrated glasses can be operated either manually, electronically or through a magnetic drive.

Make heads turn with your stunning architecture