Saint-Gobain Glass India is the country’s largest architectural glass producer with five float lines and two offline coating facilities spread over Chennai, Bharuch and Jhagadia. Our association with Saint-Gobain dates back since our inception and our collaboration has clad several building envelopes all over India and across the globe with high-performance and high-quality glass units. With the highest range of MSVD, coated products available in the country, Saint-Gobain and FG Glass form a truly unbeatable combination for developers, architects, and contractors for architectural processed glass.

Certified For:
Processing of clear, tinted, and coated glass that includes:
Reflectasol Series (Pyrolytic coated)
ST Series (Solar control)
Planitherm Series (Single-silver low-E)
KT Series (Single-silver low-E)
KBT Series (Single-silver low-E)
SKN Series (Double-silver low-E)
Extreme Series (Triple-silver low-E)


The first company to set up a float line in India and still going strong to this day, Guardian Glass has now entered the exciting world of coated glass products for building envelopes. A natural glass supply partner for FG, our association with Guardian has already been strongly established, and the several mid-scale and large-scale projects stand testimony to this. Their unique range of coated glass stands out for their high performance coupled with remarkable aesthetics.

Certified For:
Processing of clear and coated glass that includes:
Sunguard® Solar (Solar control)
Sunguard® HD (Solar control)
Sunguard® High-Performance (Single-silver low-E)
Sunguard® DS (Double-silver low-E)

The largest glass company in the North American region and producer of the world’s foremost coatings when it comes to performance, Vitro’s acquisition of PPG’s glass division has resulted in unbeatable product and service synergies. FG Glass is the first and only Certified Fabricator for their high-performance coated glass products (since 2007) and we have together been instrumental introducing extreme performing glass facades for the Indian market. Their unique coatings offer absolutely stunning aesthetics with industry-leading thermal performance.

Certified For:
Processing of ultra-clear, tinted and coated glass that includes:
Starphire® Ultra Clear Glass
Vistacool® Series (Solar control)
Solarcool® Series (Solar control)
Solarban® 60 Series (Double-silver low-E)
Solarban® 67 Series (Double-silver low-E)
Solarban® R100 Series (Triple-silver low-E)
Solarban® 70/72 Series (Triple-silver low-E)
Solarban® 90 Series (Quad-silver low-E)

The inventor of the float glass production process, Pilkington has been at the forefront of glass manufacturing and coating technology for several years now. With FG Glass, you get ready inventory of some of their best-performing glasses from North America and Europe. Their glasses are renowned for their remarkable durability and bespoke application compatibility and stand out from the competition with their unique colour offerings.

Certified For:
Processing of tinted and coated glass that includes:
Eclipse® Series (Solar control)
Eclipse® Advantage Series (Pyrolytic low-E)
Solar-E® Series (Pyrolytic low-E)
Solar-E® Plus Series (Pyrolytic low-E)
Suncool® Series (Single and double-silver low-E)

Asahi India has an established presence in India for almost three decades and produces a variety of clear, tinted and coated glasses. Their close proximity to our manufacturing facility offers great cost and time savings to our customers. Some of the most outstanding projects glazed with Asahi’s coated glass are processed through us and our great working relationship has offered customers a wide range of products to suit their architectural needs.  

Certified For:
Processing of clear, tinted and coated glass that includes:
Enhance Series (Solar control)
Exceed Series (Single-silver low-E)
AGC Stopray Series (Double-silver low-E)

Glas Troesch is a Swiss producer of high-performance coatings for glass and glazing applications. With FG Glass, you get access to their entire product range, known for its versatility, striking neutral appearance and very high thermal performance. 

Certified For:
Processing of ultra-clear and coated glass that includes:
Eurowhite Ultra-Clear Glass
Sunstop Series (Single and double-silver low-E)
Combi Series (Single and double-silver low-E)
Superselekt (Triple-silver low-E)

Headquartered in Germany, SCHOTT is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics, and an enabler in the home appliance, pharma, electronics, optics, life sciences, automotive and aviation industries. Our association with SCHOTT has been in existence since 2012 for their complete range of fire-resistant glass and architectural products. A ubiquitous name in the fire-resistant glass and glazing industry in India, our collaborative product portfolio offers customised, bespoke and some of the highest-performing solutions for the architectural, industrial and marine industries.

Certified For:
Processing of fire-rated glass products including:
PYRAN® S (Borosilicate fire-rated glass)
PYRAN® Fusion (Interlayered fire-rated glass)
PYRAN® Platinum (Fire-rated glass ceramic)
PYRAN® Star (Fire-rated glass ceramic)
PYRANOVA® (Insulated fire-rated glass)

Dow is an American multinational chemical corporation and produces a wide range of silicones for the glass and glazing industries. FG Glass has been Dow’s Quality Bond® member ever since its inception in India and this qualifies us for enhanced technical support, continuous quality audits and joint marketing initiatives. Our strong association with Dow ensures you get the most durable insulated glass available in the market, a fact validated by the more than seventeen million square feet of glass glazed all over the world, some of which are still standing strong for over fifteen years.

Certified For:
Quality Bond Membership for structural silicones
Transparent Silicone Structural Adhesive (TSSA)

Global Laminator -Kuraray
Kuraray is a Japanese manufacturer of chemicals and fibers and a key player in the worldwide laminated glass interlayer technology. Our collaboration with Kuraray spans their complete portfolio of Trosifol® and SentryGlas® interlayer, integrating these high-performance products to create transparent, durable, and long-lasting glass solutions. FG Glass is in fact, a Global Laminator for SentryGlas®, having surpassed the highest quality requirements for the production of these ionomers and is the largest producer of SentryGlas® laminates in India. Membership to this program is proof of our longstanding commitment to quality and our collaborative efforts are now creating an exciting new range of bullet, burglar, and blast-resistant glazing solutions.

Certified For:
Trosifol® Clear PVB
Trosifol® XT Extra Clear PVB
Trosifol® HR
Trosifol® Sound Control
Trosifol® Extra Stiff
SentryGlas® Translucent White

Now a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company, Solutia is a premium manufacturer of laminated glass interlayers producing two world-renowned brands: Saflex®v clear polyvinyl butryl (PVB) and the exciting Vanceva® coloured interlayer series that allows architects the flexibility to create facades in any colour in transparent, translucent and opaque form.  

Certified For:

Saflex® Clear PVB
Saflex® Acoustic PVB
Saflex® DG41
Saflex® SG

Sefar is a leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments for the screen printing and filtration markets, used in a wide variety of industries, reaching from electronics, graphics, medical, automotive, food and pharmaceutical applications to aerospace, mining & refining and architecture. Our collaboration with Sefar provides Indian architecture access to their unique Vision Fabric mesh – a laminated glass assembly incorporating single-vision or dual vision coated mesh for absolutely stunning three-dimensional aesthetics, very high thermal insulation and reduced glare.

Certified For:
Vision Fabric mesh