FG Glass presents the industry’s most comprehensive range of architectural glass products designed to cater to the most demanding applications. From structurally-glazed facades to curtain walls and skylights to railings, our facade solutions can efficiently service all your requirements.

Our intricate focus on form and functionality ensures that glass walls look better, perform more effectively and generate better value for our customers.

For Facades and Curtain Walls
Bullet Proof glass Manufacturer | FG Glass
  • Specifically designed for building facades and curtain walls, Facadeshield has excellent optical clarity while maintaining strong mechanical and thermal stress capabilities.

  • Risk of spontaneous suicide breakage is negligible, hence no heat-soaking is required.

  • When broken, fragments usually stay in the window frame and can be replaced later.

Minimum Size: 200mm X 300mm
Minimum Size: 200mm X 300mm
Thickness Range: 3mm to 12mm
Glasshield & Glasshield (HSK)
For Facades, Curtain Walls, Shopfronts, Railings, etc.
Glasshield & Glasshield (HSK) | FG Glass
  • An indispensable building material, glasshield has strength levels five times more than annealed glasses.

  • Breaks into small fragments when broken, hence is classified as safety glazing material.

  • Can be heat-soaked to minimize chances of failure due to nickel-sulphide breakages.

Minimum Size: 200mm X 300mm
Minimum Size: 200mm X 300mm
Thickness Range: 3mm to 12mm
For Facades, Curtain Walls, Railings, Partitions, etc.
Curveshield, Fire Rated Glass | FG Glass
  • A fantastic aesthetically superior option to straight glasses, curveshield in available in fully tempered, heat-strengthened and heat-soaked forms.

  • Finds its way in an almost unlimited application space offering architects phenomenal flexibility in design and form.

  • Can be combined into an insulated or laminated unit for enhanced comfort and safety

Minimum Size: 550mm (Bent) X 300mm (Straight)
Maximum Size: 2440mm (Bent) X 3660mm (Straight)
Thickness Range: 5mm to 15mm
Shaping Parameters: 5mm - 6mm - 8mm - 10mm - 12mm - 15mm
Min. Radius (mm): 1000 - 1000 - 1200 - 1500 - 1650 - 2100
Max. Arc Depth (mm): 620 - 620 - 568 - 470 - 430 - 345
For Vision and Spandrel Glasses, Skylights, Canopies, etc.
Enamelite, Mesh Laminated Glass | FG Glass
  • An excellent decorative and functional product, it incorporates custom-designed ceramic paints imposed on glass.

  • BImparts style, privacy and light-and-heat diffusion characteristics of glass.

  • The high-quality paints are completely UVresistant and guaranteed against flaking and peeling.

  • Available in over 100 designs and colours and can be coated on clear, tinted and coated glasses.

Minimum Size: 200mm X 300mm
Minimum Size: 2440mm X 5200mm
Thickness Range: 4mm to 19mm
Common Design Forms: Full Flood Coat, Dots, Stripes & Gradients
For Facades and Curtain Walls
Climacool, Flame Proof Glass | FG Glass
  • Insulated glass units with 2 or more glass lites (Facadeshield, Glasshield or Lamisecure) assemblies.

  • Offers vastly enhanced solar-control performance and spectral selectivity compared to monolithic glasses.

  • Choose from basic tints and solar-control coatings to high-performance silver low-E coats.

  • Can be infilled with inert gases such as argon for lower heat-flow rates.

  • Helps prevent dew condensation.

  • Serves as a great sound insulator.

Minimum Size: 250mm X 350mm
Maximum Size: 2440mm X 3660mm
Glass Thickness Range: 4mm to 12mm
Insulated Glass Thickness Range: 12mm to 100mm
For Facades, Curtain Walls, Canopies, Skylights, Railings, etc.
Lamisecure, Glass Lamination | FG Glass
  • Laminated units constructed with polyvinyl butyl (PVB) or DuPont SentryPlus interlayers.

  • Extremely safe glazing material with enormous design flexibility.

  • Available with special acoustic interlayers for excellent sound reduction.

Minimum Size: 200mm X 300mm
Minimum Size: 2440mm X 5200mm
Glass Thickness Range: 3mm to 19mm
Insulated Glass Thickness Range: 6.38mm to 80mm